A peaceful corner...between history and modernity

Surrounded by the Marche nature, in the fabulous 'Riviera del Conero', between history, museums, villages and cathedrals ...... where you can enjoy any time of the day! A Villa from XVII century, renovated with loving attention to detail and respect for its history.

Villa Blasi - esterno

Isolated in the silence, surrounded by the nature, on a hill overlooking the surrounding Marche countryside there is Villa Blasi, a place of charm and peace, 1 mile from Osimo's historic center and not far from the main points of interest: Ancona, Numana, Sirolo, Porto Recanati, Loreto with the famous Basilica of the Holy House ...perfect for families and friends for an unforgettable vacation in a romantic and discreet environment for all those who are looking for peace and quiet in close contact with nature away from the din and noise of the city.

The Villa

Villa Blasi is inserted in the list of historic villas of the Marches, and is located in a territorial area (Eq13) in the system of ridges and scenic roads, of environmental value, with a landscape constraint.

The artifact has two building phases: born as a manor house, with a rectangular body on two levels at the end of the eighteenth century with internal staircase and barn on the ground floor, then turns around mid XIX century in a Villa, adding two wings on one plane forming a U-shaped courtyard, creating the prospect south entrance of the Villa, with an external staircase with two flights, with decorative elements in the eaves, in particular the facade is enriched by a gable, triangular structure, with decorative centerpiece "Lion".


The access road has trees of Pinus pinea and hedges of Laurus Nobilis, Tilia cordata internal driveway leading to the garden, trees of Laurus nobilis, large bushes of Nerium Oleander and Chamaerops. The estate is about 3 hectares of which 2.50 sown with wheat, with an olive grove of 40 specimens, the rest is the park around the villa. The villa has been fully restored from 2010 to 2014, the exterior elevations, which in the course of the twentieth century had suffered discoloration, from a gray light blue (under the eaves there were still traces of color pigments), a Pompeian red, with yellow ocher-string courses; and some of the windows were improperly closed. The restoration project has restored the exterior of the Villa as it should be like in the nineteenth century by reopening the old windows, even the exterior and interior window frames have been restored and repainted in gray-light blue. On the ground floor 90% of the flooring is original tiled, and it has also been restored the manger of the barn; at the first and second floor have been eliminated many modern partitions of the '50s, the floor in the two plans is new and boards in about 2 meters nailed chestnut wood. The rooms have beds belonging to Villa restored from various periods, as part of the furniture; lights are modern, as are the bathrooms. Only one bathroom on the second floor is in the twentieth-century style. Coming in from the entrance of the ground floor you are in front of a helical staircase that connects the two floors with parapets and glass balcony. The coverage gable with terracotta tiles made by hand and chestnut beams is at sight. The Villa belongs to the Blasi family since the 1900s as a summer home, when from the center of Osimo the various noble families moved in the villas of the surrounding lands to enjoy the cool of the countryside and spend pleasant hours in the company of relatives and friends. After more than a century is 'still so'. The descendants of the Blasi family all gather here from various parts of the world, for short, intense, unforgettable holidays...